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Bi-Weekly Lucky Draw Winner Announcement

(3rd Batch)
By Claytan Fine China

Congrats to Third Batch Bi-Weekly Lucky Draw Winners!!!

Oh Hui Khen                                   (Hp no. 019XXXX258)
Charmaine Kiu                               (Hp no. 018XXXX625)
Lim Lay Khim                                  (Hp no. 012XXXX033)
Sukiekhong                                     (Hp no. 016XXXX288)
Tan khim kee                                  (Hp no. 012XXXX019)
Thong Fui Lan                                 (Hp no. 013XXXX002)
Datin Abby                                       (Hp no. 019XXXX211)
Wong Choon Yuet                          (Hp no. 012XXXX568)
Fow Siau Wea                                  (Hp no. 012XXXX787)
Quey Cheng Hian                           (Hp no. 011XXXXX588)
Katherina                                         (Hp no. 014XXXX026)
Hiu Manvy                                        (Hp no. 017XXXX592)
Annie cheang                                   (Hp no. 012XXXX606)
Lai Lok Shin                                      (Hp no. 016XXXX688)
Chang Kok Leong                            (Hp no. 017XXXX266)
Tan Li Pheng                                     (Hp no. 012XXXX461)
Pang see ling                                    (Hp no. 013XXXX057)
Violet Tay                                          (Hp no. 017XXXX677)
Abang Abdul Rahman Hamid      (Hp no. 012XXXX110)
Yow Xian Ru                                     (Hp no. 016XXXX801)


To claim the FREE MUG, please check the T&C below:
1) Check your email and reply us with your full name, contact number, address, and Facebook name.
2) A mug will be free for every lucky winner however winner has to pay for the postage of RM7.00. The postage can be waived if winner spend RM50 and above on our website.*
3) Winners required post on Claytan FC Facebook page with a photo of FREE MUG and hashtag #claytanfc #claytan100 #eatwelleatsafe #BiWeeklyGiftaways   


*Warm Reminder
Members who are spending RM 100 & above will automatic entitle for 25% deduction (by using welcome credit) on their bill!  **While credit last