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Fighting Covid-19 Series (II)

Special edition to support for fighting Covid-19 and you may choose you favorite design.

M1 (TMD61/TMD64)
Cup With Saucer 250ml

M2 (TMD68/TMD64)
Cup With Saucer 200ml

M3 (TMC94/TMG77)
Mug With Small Stirring Spoon 350ml

M4 (TMD59TMD60)
Espresso Mug 90ml With Saucer

M5 (TMG76)
Starbuck Mini Mug 60ml

M6C1 (JCM40/SCX01)
Mug 400ml With Coaster

M7C1 (SCS31/SCX01)
Mug 310ml With Coaster

M8C2 (TMK22/TMK23)
Mug 500ml With Coaster

S1 (TMG82)
Sunray Bottle 500ml With Holder

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