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For The Specialty Coffee Connoisseurs

The design concept of this series evolved from a passion to create a series of coffee drinkwares to meet the needs of the serious coffee lovers the Connoisseur.

Just as serious & meticulous works needed to be researched in the Laboratories in order to invent & develop something wonderful & exciting, so comes the idea of the design for this new series – The Lab Precisions!

The shape of each item in this series reflects the measuring & testing containers in the Lab.

Every piece in Master handmade, sprayed 3 - 4 layers to get the rich, luxurious, mesmerizing look, that melt your heart with love by the 1st look at the masterpiece.

You may be intrigued by the ‘long neck’ of the drinkwares. This is specially designed to have the right room & time for the coffee aroma to rise and stay focused in the drinkware, so that when the drinkware is put close to the lips, the person is immediately entering into a ‘cloud 9’ experience when the focused, elevated aroma is at 1 gush inhaled to the smell gate, even before the coffee is tasted!

With the heart melted by the lovely drinkware, the mind is fantasized by the ‘1st Virgin’ aroma, the taste of the drink at this final stage give a full perfect coffee appreciating experience a Connoisseur can expect, meeting the full expectation of the coffee specially brewed by each individual.

You may be pleased to know that the drinkwares are mostly made double-wall, which not only can prevent heat scalding, but more importantly is to keep warm the coffee long enough to finish your ‘love story’ with loved ones by sipping the coffee bit by bit, leaving the bitterly sweet memories in your tongue, even after you say ‘good-bye!’

In short, this Lab Precision Series certainly let you be fully contented in your eye-gate, smell-gate & taste bud in enjoying your beloved coffee!