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Pearl Elegant

Pearl Elegant that perfectly combines rock inspirations with the universe of gastronomy. Faithful to its codes, Claytan proposes for the first time, a tone-on-tone pattern full of fitness, one that awakens the senses by seducing users with its touch. Revealing a contemporary aesthetic with its matte finish, this collection invites users to discover a beautiful perspective of black-on-black. This monochrome work offers a service of 8 pieces, to alternate and create rhythm for the tables.

(W) 22.5CM x (H) 1.2CM

(W) 23CM x (H) 3.9CM

(W) 18.7CM x (H) 2.1CM

(W) 16CM x (H) 1.6CM

(W) 8.5CM x (H) 6CM

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