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The Star
By Claytan Fine China 

VOLCA Life-Energy Comb

Extended and exhaustive working hours, gridlocks on the road, a hectic lifestyle and long hours in using electronic devices are what most ordinary urbanites have to endure and go through on daily basis.

In response to such dilemma, researchers are proud to introduce a revolutionary comb. Called the VOLCA Life-Energy Comb, it has been meticulously researched and tested via advanced Korean science and technology.

Consist of FIR and negative ions

VOLCA Life-Energy Comb has a ceramic body that was fired at 1,200°C. Fused with a special volcanic mineral powder, the powder releases high levels of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions that bring immediate and long-lasting benefits to our health.

Invisible to the naked eye, FIR is an invisible spectrum of sunlight rays that are present in the spectrum between visible light and microwaves.

  • Capable of penetrating the human body and stimulating its basic biological functions.
  • Activates the body’s water molecules. It improves the micro circulatory system and increases the body’s metabolism rate. It purifies blood and balances the body’s pH level.

Long-term use benefits

Regular and long-term use of VOLCA Life-Energy Comb helps to resolve problems such as migraine, dandruff, poor blood circulation, hair loss, tense muscles, accumulated toxins and sleep deprivation.

This is not just an ordinary comb for hair and scalp. It has anti-static properties, making it suitable for use in massage and scraping.

The comb’s design carefully incorporates the Chinese traditional method of traceless scraping techniques. If used correctly, the massage activates acupuncture points on  our body. This is a comb that can be used from head to toe.

Daily use benefits

Daily use of VOLCA Life-Energy Comb accelerates the scalp’s blood circulation, prevents and fights hair loss and helps re-establish the natural growth of healthy hair.

Experience daily the benefits of VOLCA Life-Energy comb’s toothed strip pressure on the face. It normalises the moisture balance of the skin, helps in reducing face sagging, impurities and improves overall facial radiance.

Immediate benefits

One of the immediate benefits of the neck massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm.

Regular use of VOLCA Life-Energy Comb’s toothed strip pressure on the neck helps to keep all the joints and muscles limber, which reduces chances of pulling a muscle.

Stimulating and applying VOLCA Life-Energy Comb’s toothed strip pressure to reflex points on the feet will help to promote better sleep, improve blood circulation, speed up relaxation, relieve aches and pains and make the feet healthier.