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Volca Comb

Volca Life-Energy Comb is made of high-quality ceramic body fired at 1200 degree celsius with high contents of volcanic mineral powder that releases high levels of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) and NegativeIons that are long-lasting. With Volca Life-Energy Comb, only 10 minutes a day can improve scalp health while fighting against hair-related problems. It enhances hair growth and improves blood circulation, keeping your hair youthful.

Colour available : Black and Pink

Functions Description
Improve Scalp Health By massaging the scalp regularly, the metabolism of the hair scalp will be activated, which will help to improve hair conditions and reduce hair loss.
Improves Blood Circulation Improving blood circulation throughout the head and neck area not only reduces taligue but also improves sleep quality. Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk of stroke that is caused by blood clots.
Excellent Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Therapy The round-headed comb points are soothing and comfortable, which helps migraine problems. It also relaxes tense muscles in arms and legs.
High Content of Negative Ions Strengthens the body’s immune system and the function of autonomic nerves.
Healthier Body and Immune System Helps remove accumulated toxins.i

Volca Life Energy Comb (Black)
W49 x H7 x L193

Volca Life Energy Comb
W49 x H7 x L193

Volca Life Energy Mini Comb
L130mm xH40mm

Volca Life Energy Mini Comb (Men)
L115mm xH45mm

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