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Water Dispenser

Claytan Signature Water Dispenser designed in Modern Minimalist concept to best suit your home kitchen. Available in 4.5 Litres, 6 Litres & 10 Litres for different needs.


  • Hot water safe
  • Made from 100% bisphenol A – (BPA) Free Material
  • Scratch resistant – Easy to clean
  • Dezincification Resistant brass water tap
Functions Description
Hot water safe Ceramic body is the most inert (non reactive) material on earth. It do not have chemical reaction under any acidic or boiling water conditions.
Lead- Safe Water tap Dezincification Resistant Brass (DZR) water tap compliance to Australian/New Zealand drinking water standard.
Stay Hygienic Ceramic body resisted direct sunlight, prevent grow of bacteria and moss in the inner container.
Easy to Clean Scratch resistant with the hard and glaze surface.
Environmental Health & Eco Friendly made of Earth raw material and ints harmless to mother Earth.

Water Dispenser 4.5L

Water Dispenser 6L

Water Dispenser 10L

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